About Us

Two Hawks Capital Management is an experienced team specializing in a new set of extremely distressed opportunities in commercial and residential fixed income bonds.

Our team is focused on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across an actively managed long/short portfolio of RMBS, CMBS and ABS securities.

We are dedicated to sourcing, analyzing and trading credit related investment bonds which are emerging in secondary markets after the downturn in commercial real estate.

Why Two Hawks?

Based on our extensive successful trading and operational expertise running other funds for over two decades we have launched a new fund called “two hawks partners lp” which has been created to function as a nimble, fully integrated investment platform; designed to create exceptional value across selected credit markets.

Our Focus

Two Hawks Capital Management is a commercial and residential mortgage bond manager that aims to generate capital appreciation and stable income for our clients by investing and trading in undervalued and distressed residential and commercial mortgage backed securities, and asset backed securities.

Investment timing is crucial – let the prices become distressed, then pounce.

We are excited by the current global opportunity set and current asset valuations after some dramatic downturns in prices and uptick in loss adjusted yields. Asset and Bond holders are struggling to cope with debt burden in an era of dramatically raised interest rates and inflation and the after- shocks of the pandemic, new patterns of working, AI and general home and global downturn

The time is right for a new, innovative well- capitalized fund which is unencumbered by the legacy losses and ruined balance sheets of so many other investment funds and banks alike.

We seek to enable our investors to access the large idiosyncratic, return-rich opportunity set in commercial asset based and structured and securitized credit markets

In times of market uncertainty there are always opportunities, and we are convinced that now is a very attractive time to be adding high quality fixed income to your portfolio whether you be high net worth individual, family office or institutional investor.

Our Leadership

Our founder and CIO Sam Barron-Fox has been analyzing and trading fixed income securities for 22 years and has managed funds at Bear Stearns and Deer Park.

Sam’s degree and background in information management laid the foundation for his belief and his facility in creating innovative computer models that analyze and value complex financial securities.